The aXBench API documentation.


The aXBench (AUTOSAR extensible workbench) is a free eclipse plugin for modeling variant system architectures.

The aXBench describes system architectures using the architecture description language "aXLang", developed by Fraunhofer ISST. The models, concepts, and the language originate from the research projects MOSES and VEIA, and show proof of the concepts of these projects.

The aXLang Java model represents the aXLang language constructs as Java classes. It separates model, view, and controller, i.e. the classes only contain the model code.

The model elements base on one interface for all elements: IAXLangElement. In order to ease the use of the classes, one abstract base class was defined: AbstractAXLangElement. Both definitions are provided in the API package.

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You can find more information on aXLang and the aXBench on the aXBench website

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